Sunday, January 27, 2019

Ubuntu and Candy Crush games

I was able to install Ubuntu 18.10 on my small Lenovo MIIX 300 tablet.  It work well beside that Ubuntu seems to freeze from time to time.

Compared to Android, iOS or Windows, the "Ubuntu Tablet" is missing major features like games.

Games currently available from the Ubuntu Store are old and often broken.  They are not suited to the touch interface and thus require a physical keyboard or a game pad.

While browsing on the internet for a solution, I've found out that does make their mobile games available in your browser using the Flash plugin.  Since Chrome does support Flash internally,  I've loaded their games and tried them out. 

I does work really well with the touch interface so I can start wasting time on my "Ubuntu tablet" as I can on Android and iOS.

Here's the link for the games:

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