Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Looking for Java Apps and Games

There is one thing missing on the web:  A Java App Library (or App Store).

As I am testing the next release of WRoom, I want to create an app library built for WRoom.  The task seemed easy until I realized that googling for Java apps and games is not that easy.

Results returned by Google are about tests, demos and game libraries.  I did found a few gems here and there.  So I decided to ask the web to send me links to great apps and games built in Java/JavaFX.

What I need:
  • Name of the app/game
  • A brief description (1 or 2 lines)
  • An image/logo link
  • Others images, screen captures, links to YouTube videos of your apps, tips, other links related

A main virtual room will be created to list the apps and a smaller room will be available, dedicated at your app/game.

Here's a short demo that I am currently working on:

Wanna help with WRoom?  Talk about it and build your own virtual space.  See the main website for downloads and documentation 

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