Monday, April 17, 2017

What now with Ubuntu moving to Gnome?

After watching Freedom Penguin with Matt Harltey, about Ubuntu moving to Gnome 3 and leaving out in the dust the good old Unity, it got me thinking...

Why would Matt choose this thumbnail for his video...  And then... What is missing in Ubuntu or any other distros...

The keyword: Integration!

Ubuntu is great at one thing: Operate your computer.  It's easy to use, it's free, it's secure.  No arguing about that.  But there is one thing missing in Ubuntu (or any other distros):  There is not integration between the softwares (Apps!), no integration of devices such as your webcam.

Take for example your webcam.  It is surely supported by Ubuntu.  The default application for it is Cheese, which let's you record video in OGG format... and that's it...  A few video effects are available but nothing more.

To flourish in this global integration of the the Internet of Things, Ubuntu should propose a webcam app that would let your record and stream, add a few videos effects and cool overlays.  Social network would be integrated "out-of-the-box" to you could share your videos easily with your friends.

Of course, you can install OBS (Or ScreenStudio...) for streaming, OpenShot for video editing but you have to know about these specialised applications.

Current desktops are outdated by todays standards.  Everything is connected, everything can be shared...

What I would like to see in a new distro would be something like this:

  • Better integration with social networks
  • A webcam recorder, mixed with a video editor and better ways to share the videos
  • Better support for mobile devices, e-readers, music players..
  • It's own social network, driver by the users
  • A music/audio editor for musicians
  • A photo editor, installed by default, fully integrated, supporting filters and overlays...
  • A sync system between computers (or devices) running the distro.
  • The ability to share the desktop over the TV (using the Apple TV, Chrome, Roku...)
  • A remote access easy to use when helping out over the phone
  • Document templates ready to use, easy to find...
  • Integration of smart devices such a Hue light bulbs, smart watches, external drives, etc...
  • Plugins, widgets, News feed, etc...
  • And the list can go on and on and on...
After installing a brand new Ubuntu on a computer, the only thing it can do is launch app.  Nothing more.  Maybe Canonical was trying to do that with Unity8, but it did not work.

And you, what would be the feature you would like to see on a distro?

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