Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Recording Netflix movies with Ubuntu

As I am testing different recording scenarios with ScreenStudio, I often try stuff that I cannot share on the web as it is illegal.

Tonight, I was able to record some Netflix movies using my Ubuntu computer and ScreenStudio.


Now that we have settled the legality issue, here's how I did it...

  1. Install the Chrome browser if not already done.  You'll need it to access Netflix and play it's content.
  2. Start ScreenStudio and add your desktop to the sources
  3. Select the "Option" tab to select the proper audio system source, often you'll have only one to select.
  4. Adjust the audio volume using "pavucontrol" or the default audio settings
  5. Adjust quality and video format to your liking in the first tab
  6. Start playing the movie in full screen in Chrome.
  7. Press: CTRL-SHIFT-R to start ScreenStudio's recording
  8. Wait until the end of the movie...
  9. Press again CTRL-SHIFT-R to stop the recording

And that's it.  You can even recording a smaller version by resizing the capture area of the desktop (double-click on the desktop source to set the area...)

The faster the computer, the better the quality as playing Netflix inside Chrome does use a lot of CPU on less powerful computer.

WARNING: This was only for testing purpose and curiosity.  Do not rip movies. It's illegal and I do not endorse any issues you may encounter if you do so.  You've been warned.

 The scenario will also work with Skype if you want to record a video session.  Basically, ScreenStudio will record whatever is on your display and audio playing on your speakers.

Have fun and remember,  do not engage in illegal activies!


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  3. Thanks,person. There are some legal reasons to record Netflix, constitutionally legal in some states anyway. So, thanks! And fuck the State!