Sunday, October 2, 2016

Windows 10 is much better than Android

I've had a few Android devices in the last few years even if I do prefer Apple products for their build qualities and their great interactions.

As a software developer, I am curious about what's new and I do enjoy investigating the new stuff that is available on the market. So curious that I even got my hands on a Playbook from Blackberry when the device was on sale a few years ago.

Remember that I have the point of view of a regular iOS user as I do own an iPhone 7, an iPad 4 and an old Macbook 2009.  My main OS on my main computer laptop is Ubuntu 16.04 and it's been like that for many years.

So why am I claiming that Windows 10 is better than Android?  User experience...

Last week, I bought a cheap  Windows 10 tablet to have a device to explore as I never used Windows 10 before.  It's the RCA Cambio tablet, with 32 Gigs of space and a detachable keyboard.  The price tag is around 200$ CAD as I am writing this post,  The hardware is far from premium, but not that bad.  The battery lifetime is around 6 hours, not quite on par with my iPad and the physical keyboard is a bit klunky but usable.

For Android, I had the Asus Memo 10 FHD, the Galaxy Tab Lite 1 and the first Nexus 7 generation.  A few others came along also from friends.  Nevertheless, I tried many brands and flavors of Android and found out that they are nice, but not perfect.  Aside the physical built quality, the experience was OK at best.  There is always a missing app or features and the major annoyance of them all, they lag...  From the cheapest one to the priciest I've bought, they all lag at some point.

Android friends told me that I had to buy a premium Android device tablet for a premium experience which will cost almost as much as a brand new iPad...

I've been longing for a Windows device since the launch of  Windows 10.  There is no need for Windows as I am a Ubuntu user on a computer.  But the attraction of the novelty was there.  After many months of torturing my self not to buy another device, I gave up last week and bought the RCA Cambio.  It's cheap, it's Windows 10, it's good enough to explore and maybe build some software on it,

After playing with it for a few days, even with few hiccups I got with the hardware, I find it far superior to any Android device that I tried.

The RCA Cambio hardware is almost decent.  You get what you pay for,  Windows 10, on the other end, is really great.  You have access to tons of apps from the store, and you can even install your favorite Windows software as you would do on any computer.

The Windows 10 features are still missing a few things compared to iOS.  Cortana is hard to setup, at least on this device.  I could not find the Instagram, Snapchat or Periscope app or equivalent as I do have access on my iPad.  But I was able to install Netbeans for developing ScreenStudio (on Windows...), iTunes to access my music and a few games to experiment.

I can say that Windows 10 is the best of both worlds.  It can behave as a mobile device and also as a regular computer.

There is no hesitation that I would recommand a cheap Windows 10 device over any Android device.  Of course, not too cheap as Windows 10 do need some basic requirements.

What about the iPad?  There may be not a next iPad.  I already have all the same features on my iPhone and I need a computer more than a tablet.  The next premium tablet device may be the Surface Pro instead of the next iPad.

Let's wait and see if I will grow tired of this new device and go back to iOS...

 Note:  Yes, I did try to boot-up Ubuntu on the RCA Cambio without success...

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