Saturday, October 15, 2016

Google Pixel against the exploding Galaxy Note 7: Best timing ever!

For the last few weeks, we heard about the exploding Samsung's phone, the Note 7.  It's one of the worst case scenario a company can face.  It's bad for Samsung, it's bad for the industry and it's bad for the consumer.

Currently, Samsung is the best alternative to Apple.  Google has it's Nexus/Pixel line but consumers are always comparing the Galaxy's with the iPhone.  There is a good chance, in the next few months, that consumers will shift to another brand for their mobile device simply because of this bad event.

Some will consider Apple's product, some will consider the next best in line.  Since last week, all we hear, all we see is the new Google's Pixel phone.  For Google, the timing could not have been better.  The Android fans won't hesitate to move to the Pixel for this  reason:  The affordable devices may explode, so a pricier device should be safe.

We all know that this reasoning is total BS, but deep in the subconscious mind, that how it will sound.  This false impression of security toward a pricier device will help Google's share on the market.

There is still something strange about this case:  How come Samsung never saw this coming?  I mean, they have qualified engineers, they have the knowledge and the experience with mobile devices and batteries...  It is a bit awkward that such a knowledgeable company cannot figure out what is happening.

Some may even see a conspiracy as I said earlier, the timing could not have been better for Google and the Pixel.  I won't go in that direction as it is pure speculation, but I still wonder.

Read your news feed and all you see is about the new iPhone 7, the exploding Samsung's Note 7 and the amazing new Google's Pixel...

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