Saturday, September 3, 2016

Learn programming with Human Resource Machine

Yesterday, I started playing a really neat game on my iPad called Human Resource Machine.

It's not just another puzzle game as we are used to find on the iOS stores.  This game does involve a lot of logic and a new notions of software programming.

The story gos like this: You are a new employee in a big corporation and you are asked to take documents from the "Inbox" and put them in the "Outbox" using pre-defined actions (commands).

The first few levels are quite easy but as you progress, you'll encounter some basic programming challenge like making a modulo calculation and event doing a sorted bubble algorithm.

The game is really enjoyable and anyone can play.  If you are into software programming, the levels will put your knowledge to the test.

For kids, this is a great way to explain what is a computer program and they can explore and learn some basic algorithm by themselves.

Human Resource Machine is available on the Apple Store:

And available for your PC:

Note: At the time of writing this review, the game was only 0.99$ in the Canadian Apple Store...

Have fun!

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