Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Are you lazy for not learning the command line?

Last week-end, I was reading a blog somewhere on the Internet about Linux and how easy and powerful it is.  Mainly, the text was targeted at Ubuntu, but I'm pretty sure it would apply to any main distros.  

In the comments, readers were starting another (sigh) flame war between Windows, Ubuntu and OS X (oh, sorry, macOS).  This is my guilty pleasure:  Reading those endless comments about how one is a sheep and an another one is a zealot.  One comment did catch my attention as it was stating that if you are too lazy to learn simple commands to execute in a terminal, you should not be allowed to use a computer...

I am a power user and I do use the command line quite often.  Assuming that someone is lazy because he or she does not care about some advanced possibilities is simply senseless.  Too all power users out there:  YOU ARE NOT GODS!

Being interested in computers does not make you a special person.  There is no point at displaying your knowledge, assuming that anyone below your technical level is a complete idiot.  Let's be clear: the time you spent learning about advanced scripting by copy/pasting from the web, others have spent that time on something else.

Even if I do use my computers to do some development, I do enjoy using my iPad for it's simplicity.  There are people out there who really do not care about automation, scripting and other geeky stuff.  All they wanna do is use a computer as they drive their car or watch T.V.    

Laziness is not taking the time to help others with simple issues that you know how to solve.

Knowledge is meant to be shared...

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