Wednesday, May 4, 2016

ScreenStudio 2.2: A new compositing engine

I've been working on ScreenStudio 2.2.0 today as I was stuck in bed with a major backache.

I took the time to rework the compositing of the desktop and the side panel to provide more customization in the future.

With version 2.1.x, the compositing was executed by FFMpeg itself.  This is faster to render, but the drawback is the synchronization between the audio and video that does not always work as expected.

As of version 2.2.x, ScreenStudio will take charge of compositing all the video sources and FFMpeg will only have to encode the audio and video.

I was expecting a loss in performances but I was quite surprised to find out that nothing was lost.  I even saw better performance in some specific cases.

More tests are to be done but if all goes well, it will open a lot of possibilities for ScreenStudio like dynamic layouts while streaming.

Source code is already available in the Github repository is you feel adventurous....

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