Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Google Spaces just launched...

Yesterday, Google Spaces was available on my iPad and my iPhone.  I downloaded the new thing to try it out and explore the features.

As you may guess, it's a bit lonely in space... (Pun intended).  Basically, you create a "space" about your favourite subject and post links relevent to the theme.  I've created one for ScreenStudio and posted a few links.

After a few posts, I then realized that this is Pinterest à la Google.  You can post (pin) all kinds of links and comments.  You can invite your friends and family to join your own personal space as the only way to join seems to be sharing the "secret" link.  I still don't know if Spaces is meant to create small and personal communities or to be a central point for all the stuff that you are interested in.

On iOS, the app does look nice but lacks the tablet format support.  I will go explore http://spaces.google.com from my computer to see how it does behave on a large display.

If you want to explore a bit, here's the link to the ScreenStudio space: https://goo.gl/spaces/oLeXGyJbHutGwX5v5

More to come...

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