Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Instant audio podcasting with Anchor

Seems that audio broadcasting is the new trend these days.  After Zcast, here's Anchor for iOS.  Think of it as a mix of Vine and Twitter for Audio (duration is set at 2 minutes)

The app Anchor is really nice and easy to use.  The best thing, for now, is the possibility of interacting between the users.  You can reply to any "waves" with your voice.

I've made some tests with my guitar and mandolin to see (hear...) if the quality is good enough for music content.  Anchor is about posdcating on the go and it's the perfect format when you want share with the world a quick recording.  For musicians, it's a great tool to get comments on your latest idea.

The interface is nice and neat.  Like all other social network, you can invite friends, like, share, etc...  The only minor issue I've found is that you cannot login from multiple devices at the same time.  I installed Anchor on my iPad and my iPhone but each time I log into on, I get disconnected from the other.  That something I'll report to the Anchor team a bit later.

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