Sunday, December 6, 2015

More than time!

I got my hand on the Pebble Time last week.  I've been browsing the available apps in the Pebble Store, looking for the really useful one that would provide more functionalities to my watch.

My classic Pebble has been really great for the last year but I was tempted by the Pebble Time for two main reasons:  the colours and the voice input feature.

With some many products available on the market, I do prefer the Pebble Time as it does offer a lot of functionalities for a low price compared to the others.  At the price of 179$ CAD,  other products can only offer limited features like activity tracking and basic notifications while the Pebble (Time) do offer thousands of apps and watch faces to customize your watch to your needs.

Beside supporting colours, the Pebble Time has a microphone for voice input thru text recognition.  At the time of writing this post,  apps supporting voice input are rare.  If you're on Android, you will be able to reply to the notifications received from Twitter, Facebook of an SMS.  This is a really neat feature not available for Apple users.  On iOS, all you can do is dismiss the received notification.

As I wanted to explore the possibilities of my Pebble Time with my iPhone, I've discovered Turquoise, a Twitter client app that lets you reply to private messages, mentions.  Shake your wrist and post publicly.  Turquoise is pushing the boundaries of the Pebble Time by providing a new way to use the device.  Most apps will let you view informations, schedule new reminders or acknowledge something.  For the first time, we have an app that is not related to time but to communication.  A few others have tried to provide such a feature but in my opinion, Turquoise nailed it perfectly on the Pebble Time.

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