Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bye bye Nintendo, new AppleTV is coming...

I just watched the latest Apple event about their new products for this year.  There was a lot to see but mostly, the new AppleTV is the one that got my attention.

As I watched the features of the new device, my mind was also on Nintendo.  The new AppleTV will do to Nintendo what the iPhone did to Blackberry.  It's a game changer, it's more than a multimedia device.  It's fantastic!

As usual, the AppleTV will let you watch movies and listen to music as it did in previous incarnations.  But apps will be available, in a full HD display in your living room.  It's not just apps, it's games that are as beautiful as you can have them on your iPhone or your iPad.  

You can also get interactive content while watching tv shows, sport events and more.  It has remote voice control, multiplayer capabilities,  great graphics and a lot of content to offer.

One really cool feature is movies and tv shows are not only available on iTunes from the main screen.  The AppleTV will let you search and browse movies, and offer you to watch them from iTunes, Hulu, Netflix and other services eventually.

The AppleTV is not a PS4 or XBox killer, but surely a Wii U killer...  If Nintendo does do something about it, they will fall into oblivion as Blackberry did a few years ago...

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