Friday, July 17, 2015

iOS 9 Public beta glitches

I've been testing iOS 9 public beta for the last few days on my iPhone an iPad.  Overall, the latest and greatest from Apple is doing great but some glitches are showing up from time to time.

In the YouTube app, when an ad is displayed, the countdown is showing "ad.skip_in_seconds" instead of the actual time for skipping the ad.

Switching keyboard language leads to a strange resided keyboard in the Blogger app.

In the Mail app, the top of an email is not showing up occasionally.  

Other glitches that cannot be shown visually are:
- keyboard is a bit slow and unresponsive when writing a long text (like this post)
- opening apps is a bit slower 
- wallpaper orientation does not follow the device orientation once in a while
- keyboard sound feedback is dropping randomly

Most issues are happening on the iPad 4th generation.  If you plan to upgrade to iOS 9 public beta on your iPad 4, you wait a bit for next release.  It's not that bad, but annoying nevertheless.

The iPhone 6 is working like charm for now.

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