Monday, February 9, 2015

Making money online, part 3...

A few months ago, I registered myself with to answer online surveys in exchange for some cash.

The way it works is that you get a few cents for each survey answered. When you have accumulated over 15$, you can withdraw the money.

At first, I had easily a survey each week to fill in. It was easy, taking just a few minutes each time. It was an easy way to make some profit and could be used to pay for my online services and web hosting.

After a few weeks, new surveys became scarce. I had reached around 8$ and was hoping that I would be lucky enough to reach the 15$ threshold to get my hands on some money.

As of today, I have accumulated around 13$ and still waiting for another survey to complete the first withdraw. Overall, I've been registered for 11 months, filled many surveys and still got nothing in my pocket.

If I ever reach the magical 15$ limit, my yearly income is so low that it does not worth the effort. In that time, surely made something with my surveys...

My girlfriend did the same experiment with another survey provider that I can't remember the name. In her case, many surveys kind of crashed after providing information for around 20-30 minutes. Most surveys never got completed and she could never retrieve was was done. As me, she will probably never put her hands to the promised profits.

Lesson learned: Online surveys do not pay. Not even a dime.

I had my suspicions from the start that there was a trick in the hat. If it was so easy to make some money, everybody would do it. My experiment was more about sharing the experience with you than actually becoming rich over night by filling online surveys.

Mission accomplished! Now I know, now you know!

See my initial post when I started this experiment: Making money online, does it work?

Patrick Balleux

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