Sunday, February 22, 2015 Share your Youtube videos

I've put online a new website for sharing your Youtube videos:

As a Youtube myself, I do share my own videos on Twitter, G+ and Facebook.  Since there are a lot of people posting on this social networks, you post will be literally buried by others in a matter of minutes.

This is where can help you out with your Youtube content.  When submitting your Youtube URL video, it is added to the Crombz database and will be available for 2 months.  Each time a Youtuber is submitting his own URL, he will have to watch a randomly selected videos submitted in the last two months.

No account is needed, no points to earn, unlimited URLS and free!

How it works?
  • Visit
  • Enter your Youtube video link at the bottom
  • Watch a randomly selected video for 60 seconds
  • Your submission will then be added (or updated if found)
And that's it!

The next submitters will eventually see your video, thus increasing your views and helping you out to be discovered by more people.

Videos are randomly selected from all videos submitted in the last 2 months.  Each video can only be listed once so it is (almost) impossible for a user to flood the database with only one video.

Just try it, it's easy!

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