Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crombz is for new Youtubers!

I have put online a new website called a few days ago.  It's a personal project and I wanted to find a way to promote new videos without getting into the spamming market.

Today, I've updated with some new features, keeping in mind that videos should be about those just put on the web.  Videos will be accepted only if they have a duration of at least 2 minutes and have less than 500 views.

You may find this harsh but I wanted to avoid hosting bad quality videos and concentrate on those putting time and effort to create great content.  Time will tell if those two limitations are enough.

More features will be added in the next few weeks as I want to make baby steps to avoid major issues when updating.

Share with your friends and add your newest videos at the same time.

Thank your for your support!

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