Sunday, October 5, 2014

Windows 10, late to the party...

Microsoft has released a preview of its next Windows this week: Windows 10.  Lots of goodies and as usual, moving back to what was working well in previous versions...

We've all seen Microsoft pushing new features and reverting to a more classic view in the following release of Windows. With Windows 10, we're moving back to something more like Windows 7 while keeping a bit of Windows 8.

I've watched the preview video on Windows 10 on YouTube and my first impression revolved around this: I've been able to do this in Ubuntu for the last 10 years...

I'm not saying that Windows 10 is copying Ubuntu. I'm just saying that Windows 10 is really late to the party.

  • Snapping windows:  Been there for ages in Ubuntu and other distros
  • Multi-Desktop views:  Been there for the last decade in Ubuntu (and other distros)
  • Online Store: Repositories were laughed at 10 years ago by the Windows community
  • Apps can be run in a resizeable window view:  Isn't it what as been possible in all OSes for the last 20 years?
  • Community involvement:  Does open source ring-a-bell?
  • Start menu "Search is back":  As in Windows 7, as in Unity?

This is a tech preview of Windows 10 and as stated in the video, it's an unfinished product.  I do feel that Windows, since Windows XP, is an overall unfinished product,

Maybe Windows 10 will finally nail it this time.  Until then, I'll keep using Ubuntu as my main operating system.  At least, upgrading to the next release is free...

Patrick Balleux

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