Thursday, October 30, 2014

Making movies for fun!

Last week-end, the kids and I decided to make a movie.  Not just any kind of movie, a "for-real" movie.

I used what was available to record movie shots and I got quite a good result for an amateur.

  • Asus Memo FHD 10 tablet (Most used for recording, Android)
  • iPhone 6 (for special shots and effects)
  • Macbook (2009) for creating the main video with iMovie
  • iPad 4 for adding music and sound effects with iMovie
I could have used only to Macbook to stitch together all the shots and apply effects but since the kids were eager to see the results, I finished with the iPad in the living room while the kids were watching the result on the main TV (with the Apple TV Airplay mirroring).

It was really fun to create and kids are already planning a sequel...  

Magic Fight: The Trailer

Magic Fight: The Movie

No kids were harmed during the shooting of this movie...  Don't worry, it was just for fun.


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