Monday, October 13, 2014

Because I can get it for free...

Lately, I posted a video on my YouTube channel about Netflix running natively in Ubuntu using Chrome.

Comments were made about that video and one of them got my attention: Why pay 8$/month when you can get the same thing for free with XMBC?

I've heard that same comment many time, in many cases. Why pay for something when you can get it for free somewhere else? The issue here is not about saving some money. People are confusing stealing with "for free"...

When I buy a song on iTunes, friends will tell me that I should have downloaded it from some torrent because it's free. The same goes for any movies bought on Google Play. I've also heard that Android is better over iOS has it's easy to find any app for free by installing the APK from some obscure website. Obviously Windows is much better than Ubuntu as any major software can be downloaded for free. Why bother...

This is a statement I'm really not comfortable with.

If you a considering that getting stuff "for free" is not s big deal, talk to your boss about your it. He/She will probably be really interested knowing that you consider that any work does not need to be rewarded as "it's not a big deal".

You should then accept that once in a while, you won't get paid for your work. Your employer will be able to get some jobs done "for free" and that will be good for the company. No? Are you thinking that it would be unfair? Are you currently running a "for free" version of Windows or listening to the latest "for free" album of your favourite band?

How can you consider that 8$/month is a steal when your asking for a salary of 25$/hour?

From now on, every time I will hear "for free", I'll reply back: No, you mean "steal" as in "I stole that product and I'm proud of it".

Patrick Balleux

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