Tuesday, September 23, 2014

iOS 8 and Ubuntu

Last week, iOS 8 was released from Apple for my iPhone and iPad.  As I am also an Ubuntu user, it was time to test the compatibility with the new update.

Each time there is a major update on iOS, Ubuntu won't be able to connect to your iDevice.  The main reason is that the new iOS changes its encryption key and the library, libimobiledevice, needs to be updated with that new key.  This is not is not a big issue as it will eventually be updated in the weeks following the iOS release.

Nevertheless, it's annoying and there is nothing that we can do about it.  If only Apple would provide the key to the developers...

Anyway, tonight, without much hope, I did the test by connecting my iPad 4 on my Ubuntu computer.  Normally, you'll get two mount points: one for the photos and one for the shared documents.

It was not a complete success... Nor a complete failure.  The photos mount point did work and I was able to access my photos, music and other stuff.  The Documents mount point failed, sadly.

It's the first time I've seen a new iOS release work partially and to me, that's good news.  

Now we have to wait a few weeks until the developers of libimobiledevice can figure out the new key and we'll be in business in no time.

Until then, you can always exchange documents using a NAS or a file sharing-app-over-wifi on your device.

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