Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I hate Apple!

With the event of Apple this week, the iPhone and the Apple Watch are the main subject on the web.  This will last for a few days before things return to normality.  Of course, as an Apple user at home, I was following closely what the big fruit had to say.

This post won't be about the new iPhone or the Apple Watch...  There is already enough of that everywhere.  I wanted to talk about people, mainly iOS users and Android users...

"Let's get ready to rumble!"

I know, I know, this is a subject that can easily fall into an epic flame war and that's my point:  Why?

In the last few days, I've hear all kind of things, all kind of comments.  Those who already own an iPhone wonder if the larger display can be a good thing or a bad thing.  They wonder if the Apple Watch is worth the 350$ price tag.  They wonder if they'll wait or move on with the latest and greatest.  Nothing fancy, just regular users looking at what they have and considering if upgrading is worth their money.

On the other hand, Android users are at war.  I mean that they are arguing about anything and everything against Apple, iOS and the iPhone.  What I've heard so far:

  • Lot of noise for nothing
  • It was about time Apple did that, Android had these features for years
  • Finally, Apple understood that bigger is better
  • Yeah, right, like I'm gonna pay that price for a smartphone.
  • Apple users are sheep!  They'll buy anything 
I'm intrigued and confused at the same time.  Why is it so critical that Android users put emphasis on how cheap Apple devices are?

What about the new features?  What about the implementation of the Apple Watch compared to Google Gear or Pebble or Metawatch?  What about the fact that this is not a religion!  Nobody's right, nobody's wrong...

I personally prefer iOS devices to Android devices.  The reason is quite simple:  Apple does deliver what they advertise.  Like they once said: It just works!  Remember that I am a software developer.  I am also an Ubuntu user and an open source advocate.  And yes, I am also an Android user...  But for my mobile devices, I do prefer Apple's product.

There is nothing to argue about that.

Here's a few example of Android users arguing back at my reasons for choosing Apple:
  • I like the simplicity:  You mean you're stuck and cannot change the look, icons, etc...
  • The integration between my iPhone, iPad and Apple TV is just great:  Android has that also, nothing new here, we can even access the AppleTV.
  • The quality of the Apple apps are amazing:  You're just a sheep and believe everything Apple says.
  • There is far more less crap in the Apple Store:  But the Google Store is more open to all kind of apps...
  • It's fast, smooth, fluid, stable:  Oh, you are comparing with cheap Android devices!
I could go on and on.  You get the picture.  Whatever is said, will be replied with sarcasms, negative comments or just plain insults.  Never I have heard an Android user asking about more details on iMovie or what's available in the Apple Store.  Never have I seen an Android user taking the time to compare, side by side, the devices, the apps...  They are just arguing about the price, the fact that music is stuck in iTunes or that there is not slot to add a SD card.

Android is great, but from my point of view, for my needs, iOS is better.  Not just iOS...  The devices available (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV...) are great.  The Apple ecosystem is great, the iTunes Store and the Apple Store are great.  The sum of all this makes Apple's solution a better choice for ME!

If you are an Apple user and get stuck in a flame war, just say:  I like to buy a device that will be supported for many years.  I like the fact that I can upgrade my device on the day Apple releases a new version of iOS.  I also like to access the Apple Store and not wonder if the app is crapware.  I like good quality apps, made specifically for my device.  If this is the price to pay to get quality on all levels, than my money well spent.

Don't get me wrong, I do like Android.  There are neat features I would like to see available on iOS.  But there are also some features that I am missing on Android.  For me, Apple's offer has more benefits than Google's offer.  That's it, that's all...

I've used Windows, Ubuntu, OS/2, Palm devices, Blackberry's, OSX, Android and iOS.  I know them all as I've used them for work and personal use. I can see the qualities for each and everyone of them. My current favourites: Ubuntu on a PC and iOS on mobile...  At the opposite side of the spectrum would you say.  There must be a reason.  It's my choice.

 And with this, let the war begin! :)

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