Saturday, September 27, 2014

Goodbye iPhone 4s, welcome iPhone 6

This week, it was time for me to upgrade my loyal iPhone 4s to something else.  I made my choice on the iPhone 6 with a few apprehensions as I wasn't sure that bigger was better. 

You have to know that I do not use my iPhone for gaming and watching movies.  I mostly use it for listening to my music, taking pictures and as a phone.  Having a bigger display was more of an annoyance than a feature as I wear my phone on my belt and not in my pocket.

After a few days of experimenting with my new device, I think that I like it.  The larger display is not that big.  In fact, I do enjoy the larger keyboard and everything is easier to see and read.  Beside that, new features, better photos, smoother experience, you know the drill.

What I like so far:
- TouchID, I just love it!  It works, it's fast, it's brilliant
- Photos and Videos, integrated filters, slow/fast movies, more options
- Battery life a better 
- Edge-to-edge display
- LTE, it's so fast compared to 3G.  Too bad it's not unlimited data plan
- With the larger display, it's easier to read and navigate

What I dislike so far
- Clicking sound of the buttons.  Even the home button makes more noise and my 4s
- It's so slim and light, it's easy to drop it if you're not careful
- Sound, when playing music, feels like plastic or having less bass
- Larger display, it's hard to reach the to of it with only one hand.  And I do have large hands...

Overall, I do enjoy it and I will get used to the little "annoyances" as they are caused by the fact that I was used to a smaller display.  Next step is playing around with the videos features, mostly with the slomo videos.

The novelty will wear of in a few days but I can say that upgrading was worth it. This device will follow me everyday for the next two years and it should be fun.

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