Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bendgate: Have we lost simple notions of physics?

In our virtual online daily lives, we have lost something very important: Common sense.

Since the launch of the iPhone 6/6+, everybody is talking about the Bengate.  If you haven't heard about it, it's time to crawl out from under your rock...  Or maybe you have a real life... Who knows?

Anyway,  someone, somewhere figured out that the iPhone should have been indestructible.  You can sit on it, you can burn it, you can bend it as much as you want.  The device has to be indestructible no matter what.

I've seen a few videos putting the device and also other brands of smartphone to the test.  It's actually amazing to see that the hardware design can withstand such torture and still be functional.  The iPhone did bend as others cracked, made strange noises or the glass display popped out a bit.

Nevertheless, none of them broke.  I was shocked.

When I was young, a long time ago, I was careful with my stuff.  By pure instinct, I would never put my calculator in my back pocket for the simple fact that I knew that I could sit on it and break it.  It was just common sense then.  The same rule applied to my glasses, my pens, my Walkmen...

In school, we learned that to any action, there would be an equal opposite reaction.  This simply means that if you bend it, it may break.  This basic law of physics seems to have disappeared today.  

(Pun intended)

Throwing it on the table, dropping it in the toilet, sitting on it on the couch, falling to the ground while holding a coffee, scratching it in a purse with keys...  People are getting mad at their device for breaking after being uncareful with it.  Have we lost touch with reality?

I bet that these would bend also by applying the same amount of force on them:

- fork, knife and spoon
- mirrors
- toothbrush
- computer keyboard
- plasma TV
- microwave oven door
- TV remote control
- sunglasses
- guitar
- "add your own..."

For sure, I won't put them to the test because I know they will probably bend and probably break.  I am careful with my stuff as I am careful with my iPhone.  Amazingly, they last for many many years.

The Bengate illustrated a design flaw from "The Hulk" point of view.  Just use common sense folks...

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