Sunday, September 21, 2014

200$/year for a smartphone?

Following my last post, one of my Twitter follower (@sinedioMD) replied back that spending "200$ a year for a smartphone is ridiculous anyway..."

He's got a point.  Assuming the cost of the device, whatever the brand, it can come around 200$ a year considering supported life time.  Adding the cell plan that goes along with the device, the real cost is (60$/month) 720$/year.  For a grand total of 920$/year.

We are spending almost a thousand bucks each year to be able to send a few messages, read some stuff on the web, call someone when needed and listen to some music.  Isn't it a bit much?

If we compare to a cheap cellphone (the flip one) with just a simple plan of 20$ a month, get a decent MP3/Media player and wait at home to browse the web, it would be cheaper.

A flip phone will cost around 75$ and a decent MP3/media player can cost 80$.  The first year would round up to 120$+75$+80$=275$

The next year, it would go down to 120$/year. 

That's insane when you think about it.  For sure, we don't get all the mobile internet access but if you get a cheap Android tablet at 75$ and use wifi when available, you will almost get the same functionalities.

Smartphones are making us dumb...

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