Friday, August 22, 2014

Technollywood, here I come!

As a software developer, I can understand anyone wanting to protect their work from piracy.  In the past, I have also developed a few sharewares that I wanted to spread around the world and make a bit of money from them.

Over the years, I've realized that the thing that I liked the most was learning from those projects.  Supporting them, commercially, was taking over my free personal time.  In the end, it was not fun anymore.

I still wanted to create new ideas, explore new concepts and learn new technologies.  At work, we are always limited by all kinds of constraints like time, budget and many other things.  It's a fact and there is nothing wrong with it.  It is the world of business where productivity also means profitability.

But deep down inside, developers are full of imagination, curiosity and ambition.  We are creative and resourceful in many ways.  We are the aspiring new talents of the Technollywood!

Personally, I am more interested in creating and sharing than trying hard to push my software as a marketing product.  Those of you who know me from my previous projects will agree that I spend more time talking about my project, trying to build a community around it and having some crazy fun ideas to promote it on the web.  I'm a star cruising the streets of Technollywood.  And I like it!

Of course, a new project will take time before getting some followers so you better have a good idea to put on the table.  And then, one day, people will notice your idea and share them with their friends.

The Open Source licensing is a great way to share your work and ideas.  Some people will be interested in the final usable software while others will follow the development and contribute with their own ideas.  The final result is a community effort to create a great software and you are leading that team.  This is a fun way to learn working with customers, team members and reviewers.

An Open Source project is much more than a free software, it's the result of minds collaborating in a common goal.

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