Friday, August 15, 2014

ScreenStudio 1.2.6 is available

A new version of ScreenStudio was released: V1.2.6

Nothing really new in this release as it was meant to improve the error handling when something goes wrong.  A new menu as appeared that will do a "System Check", providing tips on what you may need to run ScreenStudio.

With this new release, ScreenStudio do not required "libjna-java" to be installed as it is providing its own "jna.jar".  This should help running ScreenStudio across different distros.

There is a small issue between the new ScreenStudio and Ubuntu.  If "libjna-java" is installed, it may conflict with the provided library.  The solution is quite simple:

- Remove libjna-java package

sudo apt-get remove libjna-java

- Delete "jna.jar" from the "lib" folder and create a symlink to the native "/usr/share/java/jna.jar"

ln -s jna.jar /usr/share/java/jna.jar

The DEB package should handle everything once updated so you won't have to handle this issue.  But if you are using the binary archive from, you may have to solve this manually.

Thanks you for your support

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