Sunday, August 24, 2014

Promoting your blog, a few tips...

When sharing content with the world on the web, we are expecting to get a few fans with time. Be it a blog, a Youtube channel or some fan page, the goal is to have followers and having a small community that will have an interest in our projects.

Even if you post and share repeatedly with your friends, it can be hard to reach the whole world.  Here's a few tips and links that will help you getting more exposures for free.

Social Networks

Ensure that you share over the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and G+.  Make your profile public and use appropriate tags (hashtags) to maximize visibility.

Profile image

Show your face!  This is you and not some random cat that is working hard at creating great content.  A good picture, that people will notice, will help you being recognized.  The same goes for your banner.  Make it stand out.  Here's the current inspiration for mine...

This is my current profile image and as you can see, I spoofed the great Dr House M.D. to create a funny profile image, but still being the main character.

Sharing and curating sites

There are some sites will index your links in some specific categories.  You can be surprised how effective they can be just by sharing your content into those website for free.
In the end...

There are many ways to increase your visibility on the web for maximum exposure.  Those links and tips have been helping me a lot with my blog and Youtube channel in the last year.

Have a great day and good luck!

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