Saturday, August 16, 2014

Manage your Twitter account, improve you social network!

As you work your way thru the social media experience, you finally reach a point where you may need some help with managing your social accounts.

In the last year, I've put my effort on getting better visibility with my Twitter account (@patrickballeux) as it is a great tool to promote my project ScreenStudio (and other stuff I do).

When I started this process, I had around 500 followers, coming mainly from my previous project WebcamStudio.  That means that each time I was announcing a new version of ScreenStudio, 500 people would be notified of my new release.  That's great, but not that much is we considered that my tweet could be buried by other tweets for each account.

I eventually build up my network on Twitter, G+ and also Facebook to get more visibility and I am now around 1400 followers on Twitter.  Then I realized that it was a bit too much to handle...

It's not about getting too much attention, it's about ensuring that my followers are real followers and that those I follow are not just bots.  It's a jungle out there, more than you think...

I've seen from time to time, promotion about  Essentially, they provide you with stats about who followed you, who un-followed you, inactive accounta you are following, etc.

If you didn't know, there is a limit on the amount of accounts you can follow on Twitter.  Mine was at 2000.  I was stuck and could not follow more people...  I decided to give a try to and see what it could do for me.

I found out that I was following accounts that were deadly inactive.  Some accounts were completely inactive for several years.  Time for a clean-up!  Some other accounts were identified as "fake" or "zombie" which ended-up on my clean-up list.

It's not just about cleaning up your following list, it's also about improving your visibility on the web.  You can automate "Welcome" tweets, DM invitation and so on.  You have to be careful not to overuse their features to avoid falling into the spammer category.  But nevertheless, it does help a lot.

I do not easily promote services about social networking but got my "Seal-Of-Approval".  Well used, it is an asset to your social media network.

Have fun today!

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