Sunday, August 31, 2014

Do not ignore Google Adsense

There is nothing wrong trying to make a bit of money from the web.  Of course, becoming a web-millionaire is quite impossible for most of us.  Making a bit of money, each month, is definitely a possibility.

We all know about Google Adsense.  We've all seen the ads from Google everywhere.  You can also be part of this by registering with them.  It's easy and it's free.

There are many services to display ads on your blog or website.  Adsense is the best of them all!  You need to consider quality over quantity when displaying ads.  You may have found another ad provider that will pay more but have you consider the quality of the ads displayed?

The main issue when displaying ads is not to drive away your traffic.  Some ad-providers will generate popups or redirection meaning that your readers will get annoyed by your website.  Your visitors won't make the difference between your website and the ads displayed.  If a popup do occur too often, they will assume that "your website" is generating this annoying behaviour.

Another issue is the content of the ads displayed.  If your blog is discussing the latest technology and the ads displayed are about dating websites (even worse, porn sites), you will lose credibility in the eye of your readers.  

Google Adsense is ensuring that ads displayed are related with your content or at least with your visitor's  traffic.  There is no porn, no annoying popups, no nothing.  Just plain-clean ads that should not annoy your fans.

Of course, you have to balance the amount of content with the amount of ads displayed.  Too much and you will annoy your visitors.  Not enough and you won't make a dime.

Adsense can easily integrate in your blog, you website and even your Youtube channel.  Thus, you can maximise your exposure on the web and hope for a bit of money each month.

And you, what's your experience is Adsense or other services?

Have a great day!

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