Monday, May 26, 2014

Are you a project creator?

If you a developer, there is a good chance that you dreamed about creating the next Facebook or the next Candy Crush Saga.  For sure, it's fun to think that maybe your next app will create a buzz around the next.
In real life, the chance of becoming the next superstar of the software industry is quite slim.  Does it means you have to forget about your dreams?  Not at all.

Every project starts with an idea.  Whatever is the source of your inspiration, it doesn't matter.  Try it anyway, believe in yourself and who knows, you may create something that a few thousand people will appreciate.

Even if your project does not get any attention, you will learn a lot of things in the process.  It's not just about being famous, it's about learning
and becoming better overtime.  The more you learn, the more you have a chance of succeeding.  In my personal history, I've started many projects on the web, just for the fun of being creative:

  • NWE-00X Mp3 Manager (Reached 6000 download a month)
  • Symphonic (listed on some Linux distros, the natual evolution of NWE-00X)
  • WebcamStudio (Started as a simple idea to be able to display my desktop in a virtual webcam)
  • JapelServer  (Trying to stream videos to my iPhone)
  • (Trying to create a social network based on GPS location)
  • (Trying to create a web Find My Friends in pure HTML5)
  • (Exploring the idea of sharing your online games)
  • ScreenStudio (Going back to stream/record your display in an easy way)

Some projects never took off.  I learned a great deal in the process.  Other projects became famous to a point I would never expect (WebcamStudio, NWE-00X Mp3 Manager)

Overall, I learned so much with these projects that I am proud to list them in my resume.  They all prove one thing:  I am a project creator!  

... And sometimes, I get it right...

Go ahead, try, test, explore!  You can be a creator too!

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