Friday, March 28, 2014

Microsoft just baffles me...

Today, Microsoft finally released it's Office suite for iOS, mainly the iPad. Everything is there from Word, Excel to PowerPoint.

The offer does look good... Until you realize that you have to subscribe for 99$/year for the Office Home version.

That's right... You buy... Errr ... Rent Office for 99$/year...

Apple's office products (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) cost a big total of 30$/Life!

For the "Home" user, it's just plain crazy. Let's do some math:
- I'm 43, meaning I should have at least another 40 years in front of me
- I paid 20$ for Pages and Numbers. Add Keynote and I would have spent a total of 30$

Apple: 30$ for 40 years = 30$
Microsoft: 99$ x 40 years = 3960$

Go figure!

Patrick Balleux

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