Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Making cash online... Does it work?

I got curious about websites claiming that you can make money online by answering surveys once in a while.

Read my comments at the bottom for the daily follow up on this experiment...

A little extra doesn't hurt but you have to be careful about providing your personal information.  After doing some investigations about what website had the best rating, I've decided to make my choice on PaidViewPoint.  I've just registered with them to see how it actually does work and if it is actually providing some source of income for a reasonable amount of time.

I'm not assuming that I will get rich overnight and probably, it will be a short ride.  But I will try it out and provide you with my comments in the next few days about my experience.

If you want to register with them, use my referral link as they promise a 25$ for each friend subscribing to them using my referral

Have you already tried it out?  Leave a comment about your own experience...

Let's see where it goes and hopefully, enjoy the ride.

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