Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hosting A Public PocketMine Server

If you're playing Minecraft PE and want your friends to join your game over the Internet, I've just uploaded a full tutorial on how to make your PocketMine Server public.

Also have a look on how to install and setup PocketMine Server.  Note that the latest installer from is now compatible with MCPE 0.8.1


Monday, February 3, 2014

Virtual products: more real than reality...

We now live in a virtual world.

Don't worry, I'm not seeing the Matrix everywhere or launching a new religion. It occurred to me that we see a lot of virtual products on the web or in the news. So many that we're lost between what a company is really planning to release and the designer freaks point of view of the "next-big-thing"...

Often, someone will ask me if I will get the "soon-to-be-released" iWatch from Apple... Or the new flexible, translucent smartphone from Samsung... And what about the flying car in "Back To The Future"?

A few years ago, we had glimpse of prototypes from the manufacturer and it was thrilling to discover the vision for the next product. These days, we are flooded with virtual prototypes from who knows, looking so real that people are actually thinking they will be available sooner than later.

Reality has been virtualized by the web. Products are being virtualized by marketing and designers...

Better wait for the real thing...

Patrick Balleux