Sunday, November 10, 2013

Android: Removing an app is a pain!

I've been playing around with Android since the start of the year.  Overall, the Google ecosystem is rather good, even for a hard core Apple user like me.
But there is still one gripe I have with Android...  App management is bit awkward.  It's not about updating, finding apps or organizing them on the home screen.  Removing an app is just annoying!
In iOS, an app is mainly on the home screen.  Press and hold until it's start wiggling and press the small 'X' to uninstall the app.  In Android, you have to go to the App list from the middle lower icon, find the app by it's name, press and hold, drag to the home screen to the upper left and release...  Quite a few steps to achieve a simple operation.
Three thing are wring with Android:
1- Apps should be removable from the home screen
2- Apps can be hard to find if you have many apps as you have to find them by their name, ordered alphabetically.  Specifically when you forgot the precise name when navigating the screens.
3- Apps should be directly removable from that app list.  Why drag them to the home screen?
Some apps have a generic name like 'Movie editor', relying on the icon to properly identify the right app. If you've installed a few movie editors, chances are that you will have to double-check to make sure that you are removing the right app.
It's really not a big issue as you can manage your apps many other ways, like on iOS.  But for such a basic and quite common function, the process should be simpler.

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