Thursday, October 10, 2013

When technology fails...

Yesterday, Rogers Canada experienced a nation wide failure of it's cellular network. I've never seen such a large outage in the telco industries.

Voice and SMS services were affected but the internet access was still working for some unknown reasons. The outage lasted a few hours and Twitter was overwhelmed with angry Rogers customers...

Having work in the telco industry for over 10 years, I was quite interested in the development of this crisis. I turned my attention towards Twitter to follow-up the latest update from the users themselves.

I was quite astonished about the comment I read... Many we're already asking for some kind of refund only a few minutes after the outage had started. Some others were ready to switch to another provider les than 30 minutes into the crisis. I've even seen some people so desperate because they could not text or have a talk on their cell phone. It was the end of the world for some teenagers... Lol!

I've been a customer of Rogers Canada for more than 10 years and always had a pretty good service with them. It's quite obvious that any technology will eventually failed one day or another. Anything and everything will break at some point in time. Rogers Canada outage was a major break down but everything return to normal a few hours later... They did their job and they probably discovered already how to prevent such a failure in the future.

Are we so dependent on our cell phone only a few hours without voice/SMS services is considered as then end of the world? After what I've seen yesterday on Twitter, I think so...

Patrick Balleux

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