Monday, August 19, 2013

Vlogging with your iPad: TouchCast

You may have guessed it:  I'm quite into anything related to vlogging.  As the creator of WebcamStudio, I still look around for what others will create to help vloggers produce their show on the web.

Exclusively available on the iPad for now, TouchCast is a new concept where videos and interactive contents can be merged to create some amazing show.  It's not a video editor at all.  Think of it as a live recording studio where you can embed images, links, webpages and many other goodies.

A channel was created at to experiment the app and discover how sweet vlogging can be.

All recordings can be easily exported to Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube

TouchCast is free so go get it!

Have a look at their presentation:

Patrick Balleux

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