Thursday, August 1, 2013

Import music from GarageBand into Cute CUT

I've already talked about Cute CUT 1.5 for iOS. This is an amazing video editor on the iPad. Do you also use GarageBand for the background music? Here's an easy way to import your GarageBand creations into Cute CUT without iTunes or even a PC. Only an Internet access is required.

1- Select your music in GarageBand and send it to yourself.

2- Once received, click once on the attachment in your email to download the whole file. Once completed, click and hold to "Open with..."

3- Simply choose Cute CUT. It will then open and tell your that the file is now in the "iTunes" folder. You can now import your music simply by selecting a music source from the shared "iTunes" folder.

See the result:

Patrick Balleux

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