Monday, August 12, 2013

Being social, alone...

Before Facebook, Twitter and G+,
Before Emails, SMS and Messaging,
Before Telephones,
There was communications between people...

"What is he talking about?" you might think.  We've been more connected in the last 10 years than ever before.  That's not quite true, we have more means to be connected but more and more people are socializing alone, at home.

Just a few years ago, you were wondering about what was going on with our friends.  You would pick-up the phone and have a chit-chat for a few minutes, a few hours.  You would pass in front of your best friend's house, stop for a cup of coffee and plan something for the week-end.  Now, lots of people are simply having a look in Facebook and send some not too involving statuses to each other about something that could be done eventually.

Let's face it: It's far more easier to invite a bunch of people over Facebook for a BBQ than call each and everyone of them.  It's far more easier to refuse to go to the BBQ or simply ignore the invitation.  Gathering has been relayed to a simple text without more meaning and those famous spams about "Enlarging your p***s!".

There was a time when people were thrilled to plan a party or a birthday.  In those days, you had to be careful about the number of people you were inviting to the event to avoid overcrowding your backyard.  Simply because having a party was the best way to keep in touch, have a laugh and remember good old memories.

Today, everything is on Facebook/Twitter/G+.  Current status, latest picture of the kids, your vacation videos.  No need to ask for them, it's just there, waiting for you to click.  What's left to talk about?

A "Like" or "+1" will never have the same meaning as seeing the smile of your audience while you talk about your latest adventures.  A smiley will never have the same effect as the hug given to a friend.

Maybe if we stopped posting and start visiting each others, there would be less crap on our wall.  I bet there would be more happiness between your walls...

Patrick Balleux

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