Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Battle of the lens

Who ever imagined that one of the main features of a cell phone would be taking amazing pictures?

Over the last few years, snapping a pic with a smartphone has become so common that we take it for granted. Remember the old flip phones that could take some blurry images and we were so thrilled about it?

Nokia has just announced that his latest smartphone, the Lumia 925, is one of the best for this job (See article....

I own an iPhone 4S and I must say that it grabs great pictures as probably many other handset on the market. The thing is, I can't make the difference between manufacturers when viewing some pics on Facebook or Twitter...

For the general population, make sure that the image captured has a good resolution and great colors. That's probably all we need. If you're a professional, Canon, Nikon or Kodak must have the device you need.

With a smartphone, we basically snap a picture and upload it to the web, one way or another. These photos are actually processed, cropped and scaled down to fit the social network requirements so it will display perfectly in their feeds. Whatever the quality of the image taken, it will be lowered anyway.

You're 36MP pictures will not survive past your own wifi network. Does it really matter to have a smartphone handling such HD photos?

All I want is great resolution and accurate colors. A good enough lens that will let me share some moments with my friends. More than that, I feel like I'm paying for a feature that I do not need, unless I go professional.

A smartphone is a communication device, not a camera...

And you, what would you consider a perfect fit for your smartphone?

Patrick Balleux

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