Monday, July 22, 2013

Sharing perfect moments here, with Crombz!

You're at the beach, watching a perfect sunset? Hearing birds singing early in the morning while taking a walk? Seeing an amazing view at the top of a hill?

Those are perfect moments that you can share with the world using Facebook, Twitter or G+. But what about others who will be at the same location on a different time? Wouldn't it be nice to put a small sign saying "Be here at sunset, it's amazing!"?

Graffitis were the only way to let others know your were there earlier. Let's face it, it's not a good idea to brake this perfect spot with spray paint.

Grab your iPhone/Android device, visit and post your comment as a virtual graffiti for other visitors to read and comment.

With, you can use any place to comment, tag or blog without damaging the view...

You may get some "likes" from people a thousand miles away... Isn't it better to provide useful tips to people visiting your favourite location and have them like their journey?

Instead of sharing with the world, share with people around you!

Share with all your friends and fans! Let's blog on the world, together!

Patrick Balleux

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