Sunday, July 21, 2013

Love is in the... hands?

Love, a four-letter word expressing a deep emoting in human beings. Actually, it may be a bit more complex if you refer to Wikipedia. Nevertheless, it's cannot be dismissed or ignore. Humans are passionate beings.

When we think about love, the first picture is between two people. Having feelings and deep emotions towards another person is part of our nature and fully accepted as a natural phenomenon.

Young kids also can have the same attachment for their favourite toys as some adults will have a strange devotions to some... Errr, let's say, rubber-like outfit.

Love is everywhere, making whoever experiencing this emotion, do some irrational things.

I've observed in the last few years an intriguing phenomenon around the web and even around me. People are in deep and profound love with their smartphone. Be it the iPhone, the Samsung or the Blackberry, it has become so emotional and so wide spread, nobody can ignore it.

Who's bragging about having a car model? Who's showing off with their new TV set on Facebook? There will always be those showing off about nothing but I'm specifically talking about the phenomenon of smartphones, including tablets at the same time.

We've all seen the Windows/Mac/Linux war raging in forums in the early 2000's. Those were mainly geeks and power users having an emotional and philosophical debate about technologies and how it should be done. Minds were battling about what is better, what is superior. Too often, emotions got in the way, ending in endless bashing over a technical point.

Those technical wars were ignored by the world as nobody really cared as long as their computer would let them play, work or surf the web.

With smartphones, it has become a worldwide phenomenon, sometimes worse than religious belief disagreements. Smartphones are showing the worst of us... Maybe not, but not far...

Basically, Apple users are stating that they have quality. Android users are stating that they have freedom. Blackberry users are stating that they have security and Windows users are stating that they have ... That they have... Hmmm... Tiles! Anyway...

Whatever statements, it looks like each individual is completely blinded by their purchased device and will go publicly on social networks to bash and rant about others... Not the other devices, the users of the other devices.

The word fanatic almost describes these users saying that they are in "love" with their smartphone. Without it, they would be lost. Without it, their life would be miserable. Are we talking about an object made of plastic, metal and glass? Sadly, we are...

Forums are a great place to find the best examples of completely addicted users, shouting and screaming about the "others". People are being mean, rude and most often do not add any constructive arguments in the talk. Is it what we are, trolls?

Here's a few examples:

Jeff (32387)
There is no comparison ... because there is really no comparison. iPhone is yesterdays news and a thing of the past. The only ones who would even consider continuing to use it are iSheep. What's the next iPhone going to have an updated screen and processor? oooohhhh aaaahhhhhhhh
June 7, 2013, 6:41 AM

Matt Braynard
Just because you wear glasses and are a virgin doesn't make you a technology expert.
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Joe • 5 months ago −
What a useless review. A few minutes of my time I won't get back. Right out of the gate, this reviewer had the Z10 in his sights. Typical, Apple minion.

I just did a quick search on Google to find them, in a few minutes. I've seen far worse comments around the web, making me wonder if humans are meant to be wise in a really, really distant future...

Smartphones are just objects. They actually don't care if we pamper them, shout at them or thrown them on a wall...

How can we consider that calling names is proving a point? How can we consider that insulting is making us smarter? How can we consider that it is mandatory to be the only one to know the Truth?

Look at your smartphone, take a deep breath and say: This is just a thing and it does not deserve my love and my devotion. Humans do...

Patrick Balleux

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