Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blackberry is going down, way down...

Once a giant, Blackberry, formerly known as RIM, is having a really bad time right now.  It's not that their new BB10 is crap, it's not that they've have crappy devices...

Their public image is not looking good lately...

  • They've drop the ball on the Playbook making many fans really angry
  • 250 jobs were cut
  • Ranking in the market shares is dropping faster than you can read about them
  • Latest update of BB10 is deleting SMS from devices
  • Promises that were discarded
  • Head figures are leaving the company
And the list goes on...  At this rate, the public opinion of the famous Blackberry company has gone from "Mandatory for Business" to "Have Faith!".

Let's face it.  The current market is for smartphones, tablets, TV devices,  car's integration and wearable accessories.  Blackberry is still at the smartphone level, having nothing else.  Yes, the Playbook filled the tablet's niche, for a while...  The keyword here is INTEGRATION.  

Apple did it, Samsung did it, Google did it...  Everybody is putting on market many devices that are meant to create an ecosystem, a way of life.  Blackberry is still pushing BB10 on a few selected devices: Z10, Q10 and A10.  All smartphones...

The list of bad news is growing each week, ranging from issues, lowered figures, lost jobs.  It's almost too late for the company to cope with the actual wishes and dreams of the world, us.

I read the news each days, and across my "Blackberry" feed, I often see articles about recipes.  I'm dead serious.  When cakes, muffins and ice cream are stealing the headlines of your brand, something is wrong.

Patrick Balleux

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