Sunday, July 28, 2013

Are tablets overrated?

Let's face it, the tablet has taken over the world. The classic computer sitting on a desk has become somewhat bulky, ugly and outdated.

Are tablets overrated? They have limited space, they lack some features compared to a desktop and they make it a bit more difficult to handle some personal files sometimes.

A classic computer running Windows, OSX or Linux can do all you want. It's a matter of having the right softwares, the knowledge and a bit of time to waste to make your computer the perfect tool. With tablets, you may face some challenges to execute the same tasks.

Tablets are good for casual users, browsing the web, updating Facebook, watching movies and play games. As a media consumption device, they are great. There is no need to stress about security as you do on a computer as apps are centralized in an online store.

Tablets and classic computers are as different as the microwave is to the oven. They are meant for quick access to your data and friends in a more casual way.

Some people are arguing that they won't get a tablet until it has the same versatility as a classic computer. Those people are using as arguments video editing, developing softwares, specialized management tools and so on...

The vast majority of users are not video creators, developers or managers. They are like my mom, my kids or my neighbours. The classic computer is actually too powerful for their needs and they often get into troubles because of their lack of knowledge. That's where tablets are shining. Providing the means that they need and can handle.

Even if you are a power user, a tablet is great as you can do your casual stuff everywhere and anywhere. There is no need to sit at a desk near a power outlet. The tablet is perfect for simple tasks like reading your messages, browsing YouTube or doodling your next design. If you have more advanced requirements, move over to your classic computer and start hacking your ways.

I consider myself a power user. I do code some softwares, I do some video editing, I blog, I design websites. Not everything can be done from my iPad, but I often start from it. I use my tablet to think, to doodle, to create some prototypes. It's a tool that's frees me from my desk, from my office.

There are some tasks that I prefer executing on my tablet as it's more convenient. This blog is managed from my iPad 99% of the time. Videos on my Youtube channel are created using iMovie and CuteCut on my iPad. I manage my website from it. Why? Because it's easy to do and I can do it from my living room, the coffee shop or at a friend's house. When I have advanced stuff to do, I use my laptop running Windows 7, just because I have to.

Tablets are not overrated! Power user requirements are...

Patrick Balleux

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