Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fighting Crime with Crombz

A new feature was added today to the project

Crimez will let you see how many times a category has been reported in your current area (around 1 km radius).  Also, you can see a world wide report for each crime category.  When you're looking for appartment or a new house, have a look at Crimez on before making your decision...

Crimez is relying on users to populate it's database.  Of course, at this time, the database is quite empty and awaiting for your input to provide other users a general overview of the criminal status of your area.  You can report only one a day (to prevent abuse).  If you reported a category by mistake, just write to CrombMaster on Twitter with the current location (longitude,latitude as seen with the Compass button) and date/time of the report.

Note: Screen capture is showing a few numbers as an example.  It is not the current status of my actual location.

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