Sunday, June 9, 2013

And now,!

What is  It's a website, it's a nice place, it's for vloggers.

Of course, Youtube contains so many videos that it can be hard to find good vlogs.  Crombz is filtering and searching Youtube to find amazing people vlogging about anything and everything.

While exploring HTML5, CSS and Javascript, I wanted to create a place where it would be easy to find great videos about amazing people.  That's how I got the idea of creating this website.

Viewers can explore and discover new videos and new vloggers each day.  A Top 10 list is available to find out who's trending and recently, a Featured Vlog was added to the available features. is built using HTML5, CSS and Javascript with a backend in PHP.  The goal was to create an interactive website using some advanced features of HTML5/CSS by creating a 3D carousel to show the videos.

If you visit the website with a mobile device, you can swipe the 3D carousel from left to right to scroll thru the available videos while exploring the latest trends on Youtube about vloggers.

Some vlogs are share over the official Twitter account ( where a community is slowing building around Crombz and it's sub-site.

Not into vlogs?  Have a look also at:

Each of them is dedicated at their own niche videos from Youtube.

Thanks for sharing those links with your fans!

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