Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crombz: A new social networking app!

A few updates occured lately, URLs were edited according to the new domain...

Social networks are pretty popular these days. With iPhones and Android devices, it's easy to stay connected from home to the whole world.

But what if you could use a physical location to share ideas with other people that are visiting the same spot, and only them?

That's the whole idea of Crombz!

Use any location as a forum to share comments, ideas or tips about that specific location. Make the world, your blog!

A cromb is a short geo-located message that you can leave anywhere and everywhere. To be able to read a cromb, you must go to it's location using any smartphones equipped with a GPS device. No sharing with the whole world, no account to create, no app to download. All that is required is a compatible device that supports HTML5, GPS localization and a mobile Internet access.

Leave and read crombs at the bus station, at the park or even in the middle of a lake. Use any place as your own forum!

Visit to access the app. On the iPhone, you can add it to your home screen as a native app.

Make sure to visit for more details...

Patrick Balleux

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