Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ode to my iPhone (or any other one...)

Wondering, it will Search.
Lost, it has many Plans.
Bored, it will play Music.
Lonely, it will Find My Friends.
Rich, it will "Genius"-ly help you out.
Forgetful, it will Remind you.
Amazed, it will grab Photos.
Talking, it will keep Notes.
Poor, it will provide many Contacts

Oh iPhone, what would I do without you?
(Use pen and paper, regular phone and go out! Stupid!)

Patrick Balleux

iOS 7 and Android 4.3 are leaking everywhere...

Haven't you noticed? You can read more about iOS 7 and Android 4.3 on the web than what is officially known about them. When I say "more", I mean way more...
Bloggers are trying to push their vision of the next big thing into deep space. They will even propose some visual concepts and viral videos about what will be available. I'm surprised that they won't go as far as building a fully functional prototype of the next smartphone or tablet just to support their text.
Understand me, I like reading about those "What-should-be", but there is too much assumptions made and the general public eventually gets lost and thinks that this is what's coming.
Some informations often prove to be true after all. Some leaks are credible and have proven to be reliable. Into the mix, there is a lot of speculations that will go from a fuzzy rumour to a plain hard fact. That's the issue here!
Bloggers will say that they've stated in their text that is was a mere simulation of a blind guess. It's a fact that people will read the big shiny title first and read the content with a "one-eye-half-opened". Who's to blame? Nobody...
There is a lot of talk about iOS and Android right now. Everybody is guessing what will happen next month (or so...). And after that, everything will start over for the next release...
Bloggers, a bit more facts please and less speculations. If no facts can be supported, then there is nothing to talk about, so often.
Patrick Balleux

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Crombz: A new social networking app!

A few updates occured lately, URLs were edited according to the new domain...

Social networks are pretty popular these days. With iPhones and Android devices, it's easy to stay connected from home to the whole world.

But what if you could use a physical location to share ideas with other people that are visiting the same spot, and only them?

That's the whole idea of Crombz!

Use any location as a forum to share comments, ideas or tips about that specific location. Make the world, your blog!

A cromb is a short geo-located message that you can leave anywhere and everywhere. To be able to read a cromb, you must go to it's location using any smartphones equipped with a GPS device. No sharing with the whole world, no account to create, no app to download. All that is required is a compatible device that supports HTML5, GPS localization and a mobile Internet access.

Leave and read crombs at the bus station, at the park or even in the middle of a lake. Use any place as your own forum!

Visit crombz.com to access the app. On the iPhone, you can add it to your home screen as a native app.

Make sure to visit crombz.com for more details...

Patrick Balleux

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Google Glass, Pebble, iWatch... Not good enough...

A few years ago, just being able to talk to someone over the phone, anywhere and almost everywhere was pure science fiction. Once the cellular phone made that dream come true, we created more needs and more goals like accessing the Internet from anywhere and everywhere.
If you own a smartphone, you now live a in "near future" where the information is accessible at the tip of your fingers. Amazing and incredible but real.

The next step: integrating the accessibility into our body, into our mind. We already have some clues that this is coming: Google Glass, the Pebble, the iWatch, and so on. These devices are not accessories in our daily routine, they are meant to be extensions to our physical anatomy. The technology will be integrated on us, not just in our life...

Seriously, smart watches are too small to be usefull. Smart glasses are annoying by covering our visual field and you actually look like a Comicon fan that escaped into the wild. They will get better looking over time, of course, but why wear glasses when you don't need them in your "real" life?

For my part, I will be excited when we'll be able to integrate technology into our body, I mean, literally under our skin. Forget about external accessories and put the goods under the skin, always available and only visible when needed...

Just look at you arm to see the next meeting, listen to music without earbuds, watch a movie streaming directly into our visual cortex. Science fiction? For now,yes. In a near future, maybe not...

Patrick Balleux