Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The news is about...

If you follow the actuality on the net about mobile devices, you may have already seen some trends in the news.

Overall, when comparing Apple, Google and Blackberry products, you can easily see that they do not report the same kind of news.

Currently, everything is about the next iPad and the next iPhone. Of course, the look of the next iOS 7 is another major source of news, rumours and expectations. On the side, there are a bunch of news and reports about app updates, new apps and some new way to use the iPhone or the iPad (Mini).

As for the Android devices, you have news about new devices in the coming months and some info about the next Android OS. There are more reports about technical specifications than Apple, but it's understandable since there are many brands involved using the OS. You have the usual review of apps but most importantly the analysis of the next evolution of each Google Services that you can access from your mobile device.

Everything is about the Z10 and lately the Q10. Some app reviews are available but mainly, it's all about comparisons between the Z10 and (iPhone, Galaxy, Nexus...). I've even seen an "analysis" saying that Apple is doomed and Blackberry is winning against Apple. Seems that since Apple's shares have drop 40% and Blackberry's shares have doubled in value, it's a fact that Blackberry is a clear winner... They just did not pointed out that Apple is worth around 440$/share and Blackberry is work around 15$/share. Oh yeah, Google is a nobody with around 770$/share.

I don't really read about MS products but once in a while some news are popping out. A bit about the hardware, a bit about tiles, a bit about this and that... That's probably why nothing seems to attract my attention.

In the end, Apple and Google are leading in exciting news around the net. New devices, new OS, new apps and a fierce competition on features, looks and experiences.

Since we were able to read the news about technology online, never there was a time so full of surprises and breakthroughs. Every week, headlines are changing sides, new data is leaking and rumours are created.

Thank you Apple and Google for creating a "new" world where every boundaries must be pushed to the limit. As for the others players that were once major, keep on, wind can change side sometimes. We've seen it happen in the last 5 years.

Patrick Balleux

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