Monday, March 25, 2013

Is Android becoming the new Windows?

Let's start by saying that I like Android, being a Linux user (Ubuntu) since the early days.

The general concept of Android is pretty cool and offers many features that I cannot find on my iPad or my iPhone. Nevertheless, I have that strange feeling of "déjà vu" when looking of an app, the same one I had when Windows was my main operating system...

I do use Google Play as my app repository. I've been exploring the Android app world a lot since I got my Nexus 7 and discovered many good apps. And also some really suspicious ones. That's where the "Windows-you-should-double-check" kicked in.

Without searching too much, you can find apps that seem legit only to find out that the app wants you to click on a link to use it. Some will install shortcuts to your home screen or change your home page in your browser. Some are simply a scam and do nothing of what they're advertising. I do read the ratings and do some research if I have a doubt. That old habit of being hijacked has come back every time I want to try some apps not coming from a major provider.

The sad thing is I may be missing a really good app made by some individual simply because it has been buried by crappy and suspicious apps trying to get your 1$ at all cost...

When a new app comes out, I wait for others to try it and look if there are bad reviews and see if it does what it is advertising, for real.

Trying a bad designed app is a natural part of the process, I don't mind. Having to deal with suspicious ones like I had to do with Windows is a pain and a bad experience.

I hope that Google will eventually be more strict with apps available in Google Play. Users will be happier with secured apps and individuals will have a better chance of having me buying their "one-of-a-kind" app.

Patrick Balleux

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